The new millennium digital methematics

Main Author: Konstantinos Kyritsis
Format: Article
Language: English
Published: 2019
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Conference: Mathematics for economists
Physical Description: 57
Abstract: This project is under the next philosophical principles 1) Consciousness has the experience of the infinite. 2) But the physical material world is finite. 3) Therefore mathematical models in their ontology should contain only finite entities and should not involve the infinite. The next papers are part of larger project which is creating again the basic of mathematics and its ontology with new axioms that do not involve the infinite at all. Our perception and experience of the reality, depends on the system of beliefs that we have. In mathematics, the system of spiritual beliefs is nothing else than the axioms of the axiomatic systems that we accept. The rest is the work of reasoning and acting. We present the digital but continuous Euclidean geometry and an outline of the digital differential and integral calculus