Evaluation of leasing as a method of funding Investments in greek agribusiness sector

Main Author: Zaridis, Apostolos D.
Other Authors: Karamanis, Kostas
Format: Journal article
Language: English
Published: BAZA BAZEKON 2015
Online Access: http://bazekon.icm.edu.pl/bazekon/element/bwmeta1.element.ekon-element-000171407847
Physical Description: pp. 25--37
Citation: Zaridis, A. & Karamanis, K., 2015. Evaluation of leasing as a method of funding Investments in greek agribusiness sector. BAZA BAZEKON
Abstract: Funding for acquiring assets in Greek agribusiness sector is very common and supports Greek agribusiness SME's production. Purpose of this study is evaluation of leasing as a method of financing in order to acquire assets used directly in the production process of a business of secondary Greek agribusiness sector or even vertically integrated business. Thus, research was held in December of 2012, collecting proper data from Greek banking sector and considering Tax Legislation. Selection decision of practices financing in the event of such an investment should be made after taking into consideration several factors. Proper financial evaluation of future investment is necessary, while it's too necessary to be compared the financing choices that are given in Greece. Considering Tax Legislation, Banking Practices, and Law on Leasing, financing methods were compared in reference period. Avoiding generalizations, typical examples are given, showing that leasing preceded against borrowing, considering conditions prevailing in Greece at the time. But decision making for selection of financing method is affected by factors, which may lead to either correct or incorrect conclusions for firm's interests, if evaluation is not correct or there are personal interests of decision-makers in the administration. Consequently, incentives to use leasing for financing a business can be a lot, but quite important are ownership structure, nature of investment opportunities, business risk and tax status.(original abstract)