Conference: 3rd International Conference on Strategic Innovative Marketing (IC-SIM 2014)
Physical Description: pp. 552 – 558
Citation: Karamanis, K., 2015. Public or Private Telecoms? The Effects of Ownership on greek telecommunications market. The effects of ownership on greek telecommunications market. Elsevier
Abstract: Over the past decades, an evolving global debate was held, whether the public utilities should be owned and operated by government or private companies. In this paper, we researched if the type of corporate ownership affects the operation of market utilities in Greek telecommunications market. Specifically, we used a panel dataset that includes the pricing policy of services in telephony (fixed and mobile) and Internet, and examined whether this differs between private and government-owned corporations. The data were collected by 44 of the most important telecommunication companies - fixed and mobile telephony, and Internet - during the period 1993-2008. The method of interviews has been used for obtaining data and descriptive statistics used for their evaluation, using SPSS. A little difference between public and private systems of service pricing was found.