The solution of the 4 th Clay millennium problem.

Η λύση του 4ου προβλήματος χιλιετίας του Clay

Main Author: Kyritsis, Konstantinos
Format: Article
Language: English
Published: Ο συγγραφέας 2017
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Physical Description: pp.28
Abstract: In this paper I prove that any flow-solution of the Navier-Stokes equations , under standard assumption of the official formulation of the 4th Clay millennium problem, has a secondary potential flow , with different velocities and pressures but identical space-time evolution of the matrix of deformations. In this way we can reduce the global in time behaviour of the original flow-solution to the one of the potential flow and solve the 4th Clay millennium problem. But I solve also a by far more difficult problem as I prove the same thing for the inviscid flows of the Euler equations.