Note on the effect of the 11 years global climate cycle on the prices of the capital markets

Επί της επιρροής του ηλιακού κύκλου των 11 ετών στις τιμές των χρηματιστηρίων

Main Author: Kyritsis Konstantinos
Other Authors: Sotiropoulos Ioannis
Gogos Christos
Kypriotelis Efstratios
Format: Journal article
Language: English
Published: 2007
Online Access:
Physical Description: 65-81
Abstract: In this paper we prove and analyze the effect of the 11 years sunspot, and global climate cycle, on the volatility of the prices of Stock Exchanges. We predict an increase of the prices from the present time (2007) till 2011, a next major maximum of the prices during 2010-2011 and a fall of the prices for the period 2011-2017. We discuss sequences of causal explanations based on the balance of demand and supply and comment on the general value of such an omniscience wisdom that involves at least five different sciences.