Conference: International Conference on Embedded Computer Systems (SAMOS), 2012
Physical Description: σελ. 268 - 275
ISBN: 978-1-4673-2296-6 (E-ISBN), 978-1-4673-2295-9 (Print ISBN)
Abstract: While advances in processor architecture continues to increase hardware parallelism, parallel software creation is hard. There is an increasing need for tools and methodologies to narrow the entry gap for non-experts in parallel software development as well as to streamline the work for experts. This paper presents the methodology and algorithms for the creation of parallel software written in Scilab source code for multicore embedded processors in the context of the “Architecture oriented paraLlelization for high performance embedded Multicore systems using scilAb” (ALMA) EU FP7 project. The ALMA parallelization approach in a nutshell attempts to manage the complexity of the task by alternating focus between very localized and holistic view program optimization strategies.